Yesterday, thirty five people died at a Moscow airport. A suicide murderer blew himself up in the baggage area.

The numbers always makes it feel worse. It’s a tragedy even if  ‘only’ one person dies. In the footage, I saw dead bodies in droves.

Terrorism sure has done something to world traveling! Personally … I have a choice. Nobody forces me to travel. Other people travel in their jobs. My online buddy works for a big, Danish photo company. He flew from Dubai to Beijing yesterday … he always posts the airport codes on FB.

A number of years back (more than ten), I would perhaps have envied him a little … all the places around the world he got to see. Now … I’m not so sure anymore. We all know for sure that we’re going to die … that’s the one thing we can be really sure of, but do I want to be blown into pieces … all spread out on an airport or over the ocean?! Does it matter? I don’t know now if using current news as a blog topic was such a good idea. It gets very dark and depressing. Finding only happy news would be a daunting task.

Right now, I happened to shut down the browser tab here, that I was typing up this blog in. That leads me to a happier subject, because the whole thing was saved, thanks to the excellent auto-save function here in WordPress. Nothing more frustrating than trying to re-write something that you’ve already written … not to say impossible.

Everybody says the same thing … when you try to re-write something you lost, it never turns out the same … even if it wasn’t all that brilliant in the first place.

I love WordPress. Not only for the auto-save function … that you have in Gmail, Blogger and many other places, but the set-up as a whole. I have the self-hosted version of WordPress, but I likewise loved the regular WordPress. It’s like … once you’ve tried it, there’s no going back. All the themes and the plugins! In the beginning of this blog, I spent too much time just choosing and adjusting the theme. Now I just glance at the newest ones — sometimes I’m tempted to change, but I always come back to the one I’m using now. It gives you total freedom … there’s nothing you could dream up that this guy hasn’t already thought of. Amazing.

Four, five years back it was very complicated to set up a self-hosted WordPress blog and also when they were updating, but nowadays it’s just a push of a button. (Self-hosted just means that you’ve bought your own domain name, and you have to pay for having your stuff stored somewhere … a web host. GoDaddy in my case. )

My moleskine notebook is still void of blogging topics. I’ve been changing a preposition in this post three times … prepositions are tricky in the English language … I think I’ll post this now. [That particular prep. is in the first sentence 🙂 ]


4 thoughts on “Take-off”

  1. I thought about that attack a lot yesterday. And, about the lack of coverage it got here in the states. A few words on the nightly news, and on to the next thing. Network news depresses me. They only have a half an hour. Why do they fill half of it with fluff?

    I didn't even know WordPress existed when I started my blog. It's OK, though, because I could probably never master all of the bells and whistles.

    1. It got very little coverage! Before, I used to watch CNN all the time … now, I hardly watch any network news anymore. I read a lot of news online though…

  2. Very thought provoking blog Rebby!! I hearfd about this on Global News & read some online. I tried very hard to avoid see images that I knew would upset me. I use to think going travelling would be great. Not in this world the way it is now. You are right we are all going to die; however I want to die on my terms if at all possible; not blown up by a suicide bomber or some other mad person….I have never (nor will I ever) understand blowing up innocent people for any reason….what does it prove?? What is accomplished?? It is sick, sick, sick….
    So I shall stay at home & watch Rick Steeves tour the world.
    I love the photo you posted with this blog…that bird looks like he is walking on water….very cool photo. Sherriellen.

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