«Baby, it’s Cold outside»

That was what the weather man in Boston said last night and boy, is that ever true! The weather is on top of my mind right now …. in fact, I think it’s on top of MOST people’s minds. We get Boston on the big networks and the weather they get in Boston, we get here … just a little later.

It’s -24°C  or -11°F, but what’s worst is the WIND. According to the weather site I frequent the most, with the wind chill factor it feels like -35°C  or -31°F. They have put up a red warning there.

The wind kept me awake overnight … the sound of the howling gusts and also the building itself. All kinds of little weird sounds that I’d never heard before.  We live on the top floor (9th) of this building. I had to convince myself that this building has stood here for more than forty years and has probably seen worse weather than this!

A photo from yesterday. I doubt many pictures will be taken today … I don’t know.

This is Lily Lake. She’s being prepared for the annual pond hockey, that takes place February 4th — 6th. Pavilion Cup, it’s called. For new readers to this blog … Lily Lake is in Rockwood Park … the place where most of my animal and duck photos are shot. It quickly became my favorite place when we moved to Saint John, NB.

The pond hockey is a fund raiser for various charitable causes … childrens camps in the park … people with disabilities et cetera. It’s a wonderful thing.

Apart from my friend and blogging buddy KJ McLean and her hubby, we also bumped into a couple of deer yesterday at the birdfeeder spot in the park.  KJ also did that thing I tried yesterday … acting as a human birdfeeder.

Usually, the deer hang out at another spot, where people put out apples ‘n stuff for them but they roam all over the park. Now when it’s this cold and this much snow, I guess they get more inclined to get closer to humans.

As I climbed into bed last night … we have a wonderful bed that we bought when we moved in, and I never get over how nice it is … I was thinking about homeless people. How fortunate I am! The lousier the weather, the more I think about them. Hopefully they’ll be taken care of now that we have this extreme chill.

There’s some frost on one of our windows. Yesterday, I put on the 50mm lens [Nifty Fifty], and tried to get a real close-up of it. Nice pattern Mother Nature has created there…


8 thoughts on “«Baby, it’s Cold outside»”

  1. Love the frost! Ours never gets that big. Whew! That is horrible about the weather. I thought our 30 degrees with a wind chill in the teens was bad. You couldn't even stand outside. We have had the winds too. When I worked for mental health the people that generally live outside in the winter have places they can go. I think of them too and how lucky I am.

    PS Love feedburner! Right to my mail now.

    1. The frost photo was cropped pretty hard so it looks big … The weather is still awful. We didn't go out today. Now they've lifted the wind chill warning, but it's very windy and the mercury didn't budge today..

      Yes, there are places where they take care of homeless people..

      Feedburner is really good. It was just some glitch a couple of month ago…which really was a damned shame, because the few that were signed up don't know about that…

  2. OMG!!! I cannot believe how cold you have it!!! Stay in and stay warm.

    I love all those photos but the last one is gorgeous!!!

    I too think of homeless people. So sad and scary for them.

    1. Yeah … it's still the same temperature, but I think the wind has gone down somewhat. The wind was the worst. They've lifted the warning.

      It was fun to try and take that frost photo … must be amazing when you have a REAL macro lens…

      When I crawled into the lovely bed, I thought of all these people who sleep on top of some air vent, with some rags… you often see those pictures from, for example, Washington DC..

  3. Very frigid weather here for days…plus being so sick I just wanted to stay in no matter what!! I love the deer photo….they are so beautiful!! I have had to fill the quartz bird feeder 3 times a day for the sparrows & chickadees aka Peepins to Nylablue, lol. I also have 6 Mourning Doves who come to eat. I was told the birds need to eat alot to keep themselves fueled & warm. Makes sense….
    Having the Cooper Hawk here was amazing & a bit scary for those little birds…he was definitely looking for "lunch". A raptor has to do what a raptor has to do….I think after hitting the window he will think twice b4 coming here again….altho' I'd love to see him again!! It sure has been a wild Winter & we have 2 more months to look forward to. I too worry about the homeless people. We have approximately 100 here & while that may not be 1,000's it does upset me to know there are people huddled in doorways or down by the bay hunkered in cardboard shacks….makes me truly thankful to have a warm safe place to live….:)

    1. Yeah, the deer are so elegant …and shy. But these guys in the park, eventually … as Winter progresses, become quite tame.

      I don't know what the situation is like, about homeless people, here in Saint John … I just know that they are around. I sometimes see bag ladies and bag men.

      The hawk gotta do what he has to do .. that's so true. It's so hard not to apply human emotions to it all..

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