Slipping away…

Countless blog topics have slipped my mind over the years, because I haven’t had enough self discipline to jot them down immediately as I think. My notebook and pen are always tucked in, in its own compartment in my purse but still … This will change now. As soon as I think of something, I will grab my book and pen. My will-power is pretty good so it should work. When you’re blogging like I do … without a given theme or topic … you really need all the ideas you could get.

When I hear a really good song on the radio, I’m always quick to listen for the title or artist and write that down. That is something I’ve kept up quite well. Sometimes I’ve missed what they said, and if the song was good enough I’ve contaced the station. They’re always helpful.

This is not a blog about blogging. Last night, I spent a great deal of time reading blogs from the other partakers in this daily post challenge. Boy, are there ever a lot of talented writers out there.  It almost felt intimidating. That’s one of my ……. not really problems, but … issues; I often get that feeling that everybody else is so much ‘better’ than I so I should just give up before I even start. This is not so much of an issue as it was, lets say … ten years ago. Guess I came to some insight at some point that I’m no better or worse than anybody else. If you have a hang-up like that, you end up doing nothing at all and that’s not good. I really love my morning sessions here with the laptop.

When I made up my mind to start blogging again and bought this domain name, I was thinking a little bit of turning it into a photo blog. After all, photo is my main hobby, I guess you could say, but I found I like too much to write.  After almost seven years of speaking, writing and thinking in English, I feel that I have a pretty good command of the langugage even though there are times when only Swedish expressions come to mind.

I’m luckier than most «second-language-speakers» … my husband is a linguist (amongst many other things), and we talk a lot about words. We both love that … we analyze and compare…  Soooo… when I get stuck on something that I want to express in English but cannot come up with, we talk about it … I explain — there are always ways to describe or ‘talk around’ the issue.

With our planet covered in the lovely web of Internet, not a day goes by without me either reading or writing in Swedish so it never really goes away. I read email, my local paper back home and news in general. How different from, for example, my uncle — RIP — who left Sweden in 1920. No electronical devices then! He didn’t go back until forty two years later but his Swedish was still in pretty good shape.

After yesterday’s snowstorm, I hear the scraping sounds from down at the parking lot. At the end of the storm, the precipitation turned into freezing rain, unfortunately. It looks lovely on the glass around the balcony but not so lovely when you have your car covered with it. It’s a brilliant day with thirteen degrees below freezing and supposedly we won’t get any new snowstorm until Thursday! I put in that blue flower as a counter weight to this chill we have. Only sun and bitter cold… Nothing like Yellowknife though …  there’s this video going viral on the web now: A woman has boiled water in a jug and throws it out in the air … It freezes up immediately, into snow! It looks real funny but who needs to boil water and throw it out, when you get the real thing all day like yesterday!


14 thoughts on “Slipping away…”

  1. I think the want of a theme or a something to write about is a big problem… but I always have the never ending fun of dealing with my animals…
    The weather here is the coldest it has been in years… it is 1*… I don't think I will be going out today.. and Beau may get a outside Pee and back in. I will be very surprised if it gets to the 28 they say…. Praying for a relief from this cold…
    Have a great day… I always love reading your blog… and seeing your pictures

    1. Thank you, Cheryl … It's both good and bad — it all depends. In one way, having a theme or something, I guess I'd always have something to write about [all depending on what it was], but on the other hand it could be limiting. Lately, I've found that this suits me …this free way.

      I still hear the people scraping their cars …it's like a thick bark of ice

      1. Jag gillar att läsa din blogg och se dom fina bilderna, fastän jag är dålig på att kommentera, men så är det med alla bloggar jag följer…

        1. Jag brukar se Härnösand på listan här, och har tänkt att det är Du …för jag trodde inte att det var min bror LOL.
          Jag försöker kommentera på de få jag följer … det är liksom "ge och ta"..

  2. I saw the lady and the frozen water. Next time we get really cold here, I am going to try it!! I remember when it was -24F one nite. I was working and feared my car would not start. But it did and I got home ok. Really cold.

    Love the photo. I love flowers and insects. A friend has a wonderful garden. And will be adding more this summer. I take lots of photos there. I am planning to create a book of my photos, his flowers, to give to him. I did one and do not like it. Will delete and start again.

    I always know that others are better than me. It is a given. One photo site I was scared to post for being way out of place but I do ok there. Not awesome but ok.

    We have snow or rain forecast for tonite. Icy tomorrow then. Nothing yet.

    1. Julie-Ann,
      It would be fun to try …and see it for real! 🙂
      The bumblebee in this photo, I didn't see until I brought it up on the computer, but otherwise it's a lot of fun to try and capture them in a photo.

      Yes, I still have a bit of that in me … that all other people are so much better than I, regardless of the issue, but it IS getting better. Otherwise I'd never blog at all and least of all join a challenge like this 'Blog A Day 2011'… With my mind I know that I'm no worse or better than anybody else … in my heart ..or gut .. well, that's a whole different story.

  3. Many of my photos of flowers I am surprised to find an insect of some kind when I upload them to my pc. Worse though is I take photos of flowers in town. I took a photo of some loves flowers in a yard. When I got home, I saw someone standing in the garage watching me. I hope they did not think I was stalking their home!!!

    I am a lot like you, intellectually I know something but in my heart I believe it is totally opposite. hard to overcome.

    1. There are so many old homes here, with beautiful architecture that I would like to take pictures of, but feel reluctant just because of that… if someone sees me.

      It's very hard to overcome … I don't know if I'm just wired that way..that it's in my genes [not jeans LOL]. The only thing I can do is try and work on it.

  4. I don't worry about photos of houses. I have driven all over Abilene KS taking photos of the old historic homes there. But zooming in on something in the yard, then I get paranoid. I would love to see photos of the homes there. Or any old buildings. I have been know to be on the way somewhere and stop in a strange town to photo cool buildings. Have to allow extra time!!

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