When I see the header image of the WordPress page The Daily Post, it brings back memories. Memories of how my little fingers used to hurt when I missed and the finger went down in between the keys … I’m old enough to have used one of those! We had them in school. In the end of my last year, they had purchased three, electrical typewriters! We were allowed to use them a little bit at the time …always while being supervised. It was big!

When I’d worked for about a year, came the fluid white stuff that you could use for correcting typos. That was really cool, but  not when you had a bunch of carbon copies.

Because of this rapid, electronical development, I feel really old when I think of all this. I started working 1972.  Now I can post a blog with my BlackBerry if I want to!

On a totally different note — the urban wildlife in this city where we life is … rich, to say the least! The tide was coming in yesterday, when we were out and many harbour seals were coming in too.

Their cute faces are irresistable … this one got close enough for a decent shot.

He looks like … «I would like to say HI, but I’m too shy»…

There were also a whole slew of Red-breasted Mergansers fishing there, in the Reversing Falls. They seem to have taken over from the Cormorants, who all flew south for the winter. Love their hair-do!

After that little dose of marine wildlife, I went to pick up a book at the library.

In Facebook, I joined something called Goodreads, in order to get some new ideas of what to read. Last week, I read a book called «Nights in Rodanthe» by Nicholas Sparks, which I’ve mentioned earlier here in the blog. That was a story, totally after my own taste, and he has written several novels. I signed up for another one, that had arrived yesterday. The friendly lady at the library front desk, told me she loved his work too and had just finished reading his biography which she recommended. So…I picked that one up too and started reading last night. Very promising.

In the park, on our way home, things were pretty much as usual. The ducks still have a water hole open … the pond is still not frozen over.


14 thoughts on “Type”

  1. I took a typing class in high school, which turned out to be a great idea, although I've never worked in an administrative role. It's hard to believe how much "keyboards" have changed, and the way the creation of documents etc has become so accessible to everyone, no longer a trade secret of the trained secretarial staff.

    Your wildlife gallery is especially lovely today. Amazing how you can see almost all of the seal's body, and the merganser "haircut" always gives me a giggle.

    I joined Goodreads quite a while ago (maybe a year?) but I haven't kept my account up to date. Maybe I should go back and fill in some of the books I've read over the past while… The one I just finished (from the library) was "The Hatbox Letters" by local author Beth Powning — highly recommended!

    1. Gillian,
      I've often thought of that change … how, when I started out in 1972, far from even touching a keyboard the 'bosses' were … the ones higher up in the hierarchy … Nowadays, Dr:s type up their own notes in the patient's file many times.. That would have been totally beneath them forty years ago. The whole attitude has changed.

      I'll add that book to my 'To-Read-List'… local author, you say?! Will check her out..

  2. The top feathers on the Merganser Duck reminds me of the punk rock haircuts you seem on some of the kids! Totally in style!
    I really like to type but most enjoy it on a certain keyboard. Not sure what it is called. My daughter has one with her computer and it is like a wave. Without realizing it I type faster and don't make mistakes. Guess it is just right for my hands. Can't remember the brand. Will have to check as I do want one like it.
    We have it in the 30's here today but it is bright and sunny. I love it.

    1. Yeah, they look like punk rockers or mohawk …

      I know what you mean … I've seen those keyboards, but never come across one so that I could try. Have been wondering about what it might be like … they're ergonomical or something..

      Have you seen those little rubber keyboards that you can roll up and carry with you?! That looks so cool … I think you can use them with your phone..

  3. I did see some rubber keyboards somewhere in passing but silly me thought they must be to cover regular keyboards so you can see them better! lol Good idea either way.

    1. The first time I saw it, was in a movie with Bruce Willies that I forget the title of … the young computer nerd had one.. I thought it looked extremely cool when he rolled it out, but thought it was something just for the movie — didn't know they existed in real life, but now I saw one in Staples 🙂

  4. I started with a manual typewriter keyboard, too. That, and the lever that you used to move the roller up and back were so different than what we see now. I've never seen or heard of the rubber keyboards. But, then, I don't have a SmartPhone to use it with.

    That harbor seal photo is irresistible!

    1. yeah, the lever and the characteristic sound of that little bell, when you were nearing the end of a line 🙂

      There are so many gadgets nowadays so it gets a little overwhelming.

      Thank you, about the seal photo … they're so cute — when I see them I cannot NOT take a photo of them. This is the closest one has been so far..

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