Wet weather

This picture was taken a year ago, to the day. Two ferries ‘parked’ in Pokiok. I think they took them to Nova Scotia later, for maintenance. Flickr is good for that … bringing up pictures by the date.

Not much snow then either, and after this day that we have right now, I doubt there will be much left. It’s raining and the winds are howling like crazy.

We often go down to this spot. Every now and then you can spot some different waterfowl … a bunch of Buffleheads has been hanging around in the icy waters, just like they did last year, and it was also there I saw that Northern Harrier the other day.

It will be a very nice day to stay close to home. I enjoy this type of days, every now and then … when it’s really miserable outside … to just snuggle up on the couch. I wish sometimes that McDuff was more cuddly, but it’s all on his conditions. If I were to go to bed around two o’clock in the afternoon … then he’d join me because that coincides with his snoozing time.

Today, there won’t be any afternoon snooze for me, that’s for sure! I slept until half past eight! This is a good thing, though. For such a long time, I’ve woke up way too early …. I need my eight hours of sleep.

Last night, I watched my favorite show on TV … Flashpoint. It was good as usual … had an interesting twist to it in the last part. Before it started, they even had a little warning that it might not be good to watch for sensible people ‘due to current events’. Turned out that it had some similarities to what happened in Tucson, AZ.  Guess, what I like so much about this show … apart from that  I’ve gotten to ‘know’ the characters now … is how they always manage to get a human aspect of it … from both sides. It’s not at all the usual blood and guts show.

Just had a phone call from a friend of Gerry’s. He’s 78 years old and got a laptop on his birthday last July. He had never touched a computer before in his life. Now he’s browsing all over, and writing comments on Gerry’s blog, and I think it’s commendable. He just had a question about some minor function … I showed him, over the phone, the concept of copy & paste.

He told me … about this whole computer thing … that he couldn’t remember when he had had this much FUN! It’s wonderful to hear…


13 thoughts on “Wet weather”

  1. Hi there Rebby: Love the boat pic!! There are no ships or boats down at the Harbour; very quiet here this Winter…it is back to frigid temps & snowing here…so it will be heading your way in a couple of days….oh the temp is -12 with qindchill of -22 with winds out if the North….I thought there was enough bird seed out from yesterday. Well there is but it is FROZEN to the bottom of the feeder. So I went out & topped it up even out some raisins down…We have mourning doves who visit daily & they are so pretty. Very shy tho' so I can't get a photo of them….
    Nylablue snoozes at particular times so I co-ordinate my afternoon nap with hers.
    Have a snuggly warm day! Yours in frigid Ontario, Sherriellen & Nylablue.

    1. There are two rivers that meet here, and a peninsula in between. Lots of people live there, so … we have many ferries. This winter has been warm so they've had ferry much later than usual.

      I often see mourning doves there at the same place as where all the squirrels are. They're very elegant!

  2. I love the boat pictures… Ferry's are so much fun… not many of them around here in the states.
    I have one cuddly cat… when I am on the laptop… that's when he wants to cuddle.
    Copy and Paste… I can't get my mother to even try it. I admire people who at that age.. or any age over 65… try to embrace the new age…Mom especially

    1. McDuff was never really cuddly, but he did use to come up in my lap every now and then. Long time ago now though … my first, Hadassah, she did that all the time.

      I admire them too, and I was so happy to hear that he's having real fun with it!

  3. Wow, 78 and taking up working with a computer! That is so good, lot's of people many years younger don't dare to touch one… I think it's great!

    1. me too! 🙂 So many people … much younger than that … seem to be scared to hit the wrong button. Actually — you don't destroy them all that easily.

      His daughter gave him the laptop for his b/d … they live far away, so now they can connect online.

  4. I love your photo of the ferries parked at Pokiok — made me think for a minute they were bringing back the ferry across to Milford… And the buffleheads, too, they are such cuties!

    My dad (now in his 70s) does pretty well on the computer, although he still hasn't got the concept of finding files unless they are all right on the desktop. He got an ipad for his birthday and he's doing pretty well — he loves the fact that it doesn't take 15 minutes to boot up — but he mostly just uses it for playing Scrabble.

    1. Gillian,
      This year, the ferry seems to be staying at the Kingston side… That's cool that he got an iPad! Handy little gadgets…
      At the age of 55, I notice already how much longer it takes to learn new stuff and remember. I worked with a woman in her 30's and she NEVER got the hang of the file system on the comp.

  5. Sounds like a good day for you. It was a stay at home day here also. Icy roads means I stay put. I go nowhere for anyone. I spent time watching our birds here too. Cold and icy and they swarm the feeders.

    Cool about your friend and his laptop. Mom got on the pc late in life. She never did as much as I wished she had but she emailed her siblings often. And created her own greeting cards. That was cool.

    1. It was a very good day … Icy roads here too, from what I understand from the news … many schools were closed in the province. I think it has stopped coming down now.

      Yes, that was very cool … that she came that far! Email is good. My brother still has the same pc as when I left, seven years ago. It has Win2000 on it. He does email, and that's it …but that's a big step forward because he used to be anti-everything before… now he even has a cellphone!

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