Were I a Squirrel…

…I’d move in to Rockwood Park. Yesterday, the feeder was so full of peanuts so they fell out when I opened the door.

This guy, however, was kind of bossy and tried to keep all the others away …. like he owned the place! He got very upset when I opened the door. He jumped up on top of the feeder and looked at me as if he wanted to say «what they heck are you doing?!»

There was so much movement … squirrels and chickadees, it was almost dizzying to watch. It’s always likethat when someone’s just filled up the feeders. We hung around for a while … I was waiting to see if any blue jay would show up, but not so.

I’ve said it so many times, but I’ll say it again … How lucky we are to have this park, and so nearby!

Yesterday was a glorious winter’s day. Across the lake from the pavillion, people were frolicking … sliding in the slope  that goes down, almost from up the look-out spot. This morning, my weather page tells me it’s -21°C (-5,8°F) but I think they’ve turned the digits around because here on our balcony it says -12.

The merganser in picture #5 was apparently having a bad-hair-day and sleeping in Marsh Creek. He was the only one there, together with all the mallards.

It’s a wonderful time … I truly enjoy it, as the memories of last summer’s sweltering heat is still fresh in my mind.

I signed up for something called Goodreads — it’s also an application in Facebook. Usually I buy a whole pile of books at the annual book fair, but sometimes it’s not enough. I like to have some easy reading when I go to bed at night. This thing … Goodreads, is kind of neat — you can see what your buddies are reading and get some ideas. I started out with a book that my librarian friend in Holland … Gerda, had listed: «Nights in Rodanthe» by Nicholas Sparks. It was only 222 pages and I finished it in a snap. That was so good so I wish it had lasted much longer! It’s the same guy who wrote «The Notebook», which became a very popular movie. This was really a book in my own taste and there’s more what that came from. I’ve signed up for another one at the library. If, for nothing else, I’ve learned something about the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I had no idea where Rodanthe was before I read this book. One learns something every day … and that’s a good thing.

My coffee is finished now, I managed to sleep until eight o’clock, and now I’ll get on with my day.


6 thoughts on “Were I a Squirrel…”

  1. Great photos. I was not home much but when I did watch the birds, I saw my nuthatch was back. He is cool to see. I do not remember having one here before. We were almost 50F today. Lots of mud and melting. Ick.

  2. You will be getting the rains that are here now. We got nothing. then on wednesday we have an 80% chance of snow. And again next monday. See if we get it or not.

  3. Your Rockwood Park sounds lovely! We have Harrison Park here which I LOVE. However it is too far to get to on foot & the buses don't go near it…..which is good; less fumes etc for the wildlife. I used to go all the time. Now it is a 4-5 times a year event…
    I LOVE the deer pix & the one of the squirrel with the nut in his mouth. He is one frisky little guy….you can see the Attitude in his eyes….I have a black squirrel like that here; she is young & saucy & that is what I shall name her SAUCY!! She runs at the doves & sparrows….there's more than enough to go around, lol!! Keep those lovely pix coming!! 🙂

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