Make the Bed…

Every day I make the bed. I could not leave the house without making the bed. It’s OCD. Well … not really — not DIS-order, it’s order! My Mum told me to, and therefore I must do it. I don’t do all of the things she told me to, and not always how she told me to, but many. I do fold the bed sheets and the towels the way she said it should be done. She had very distinct opinions about how things should be done … the «right way». In fact, she had opinions about most things in life — it was mostly black or white — no gray zones there! She was a lady of great … will-power.

The other day, as I was making the bed … fluffing the duvet, somehow it touched the white, porcelain lamp on my nightstand. The lamp fell to the floor and there was white glass all over. Both the foundation and the shade was made of porcelain … or is, I should say.

At first, before I had really assessed the damage, I thought everything broke but it turned out only the light bulb had broken. One of those new, modern ones and it had more or less exploded.

A very thorough vacuuming ensued. Such small pieces of glass all over the room and I can’t take the slightest little risk that anything is left. Imagine McDuff walking in there with his little paws…

In this room … the drawing room, I had a big plant sitting on a small table. I really liked the plant — a dieffenbachia. All of a sudden it just fell! I don’t know … I think it had turned to heavy and tall for the pot it was in. Earth all over the floor and the plant broke.

Before we were leaving the house, I was tying up the garbage bag, which I keep in a plastic bucket underneath the sink. Then I lifted it out of the bucket and that turned out to be full of brown liquid … the bags (both!!!) had apparently holes in them so the used coffee filters had discharged whatever water that was left in them.

Ahh…the little annoyances of life! If I don’t have anything worse than that to worry about … I’m pretty well off.

A friend, back home, had just sewn a new cover for a bench they had in the kitchen. Her husband came home from work and sat down on it. He had a leaky pen in his back pocket. She was holding a jar of blueberry jam, and she got so upset when she saw what had happend so she dropped the jar and their kitten walked in the jam …. blue paw prints all over the house.

Sometimes it just adds up …


6 thoughts on “Make the Bed…”

  1. Oh, I know the feeling well. Some days it just seems like the little crises never end. Nothing big, or life changing, just the annoyances of a not so ordinary day.

    I had to laugh when you were writing about your Mother. I do the same things. Every once in a while I'll stop in the middle of doing something Mom's way, and tell myself that I don't really have to do that, just because Mom did.

    1. Yeah, sometimes I stop too, in the middle of all the folding or whatever it is … but still, I always end up doing it «the right way».. Once, I asked my brother to help me with the bed sheets and he could hardly believe his eyes … «Are you STILL doing this??» and then he laughed because he knew exactly how to do it, himself…

    1. no not many .. it almost feels surreal when one thing happens after the other. I haven't had many. Once I dropped a big glass jar of pickled herring the night before Christmas Eve. Ohhh… the stench! And the cleaning!!!

  2. Love the photo!!! I have OCD about somethings but not all. And usually nothing that matters. I think you don't have too much to worry about. just every day annoyances.

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