If pigeons were….

my favorite bird, I would have had an eldorado right now! They’re doing ‘it‘ right outside the window … on our balcony, and McDuff is watching!!! Gerry told me to cover his eyes … he’s too young to be watching that type of stuff. LOL.

Blog comments are really good to receive! Yesterday, on my little post about pretty much anything, Gillian reminded me of iGoogle. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me. How could I have forgotten about that for … probably six months or more?!

iGoogle is your personalized homepage, I now have it back, and it’s better than it was! I have everything there now, my Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Reader, all the news I could wish for, one little game … you name it! A spiffy snowflake theme too!

The things that are better now are the Facebook and Twitter functions. Before, I remember I had to add them myself … they were like some type of ‘plugins’. It refreshes on its own and I don’t have to leave the page to reply to Gmail either. Great stuff!

Today looks like a beautiful day so we’ll probably go out for a spin somewhere. I stayed at home yesterday, while Gerry ventured out in the snow … he had some errands to run, and I had a little bit of a cleaning spree while he was out.

Last night, there was a show on TV about covered bridges. It was an American show, show they only talked about the ones in the States of course, but it was interesting. The amount of maintenance it takes to keep them in shape and how people vandalize them or burn them. The one in the movie «Bridges of Madison County» was in Iowa and that was burned. Sad.

There is one scene in that movie that I never forget. It really puts significance to the expression «pivotal moment» … how a few seconds can define the rest of your life. She [Meryl Streep] is in the truck with her husband. It’s raining hard. Clint Eastwood is in his car in front of them, when they have to stop at a red light. Her hand on the handle … not a word is said, but you can see what she’s thinking …. She has the chance there to jump out of the truck, but decides against it.

…and that conludes my rambling for this morning 🙂


8 thoughts on “If pigeons were….”

  1. When we lived in Toronto, I remember one apartment where we had quite a job to keep the pigeons from nesting on our balcony. I had never seen baby pigeons before… now I can move on… 😉

    I can understand why people love covered bridges. I think they are beautiful and they are all personalized, somehow, and not just by the initials carved into the wood. And they are part of our history, a time when we didn't have 18-wheelers and other big trucks on our roads, a time when people travelled by horse and carriage and could stop for a kiss, away from prying eyes as they crossed the covered bridge.

    1. One pigeon was born on our balcony last year 🙂 When we realized the mother had an egg there, behind a folded table, we just couldn't chase her away. We watched the baby pigeon grow up and take off …

      The bridges are so picturesque and it's a shame that they're being vandalized. The one up on the Kingston peninsula …. over Milkish Creek … I think it's called Kissing Bridge. It's cute..

  2. I am a lover of covered bridges… and they are rapidly disappearing. I agree with eyegillian.. they are a part of our history. I can remember back when I was just a child, that to get to a cemetery where our relatives were buried…we would follow this road…and cross the creek on a covered bridge… many years later, I was disappointed to find that the covered bridge was gone… the road straightened (the approach to the bridge had been a severee right curve) and the bridge just looked like the regular road.
    My favorite bridge here at home.. is the PONNS Bridge… it is the only Humpback Bridge left… it was so big that when it rained the kids in the area of Alice Road… would play basketball inside.

    1. Cheryl,
      Yes … it was a very interesting show, because they're new to me. We don't have them in Europe …well, at least not in Sweden. I've seen one, not too far from here, that they've kept even though the new road is straightened so the old bridge is beside the road … but still there.

      I'll google up Ponns Bridge 🙂

  3. I'm still in mourning over the Welsford covered bridge (aka the Bayard Bridge, Nerepis No. 3) which was destroyed in a flash flood in March of 1998. I put up a web page about it at the time, and just found the Internet archive version if you want to see: http://web.archive.org/web/20010615013445/babyrai

    And I remember literally squirming in my theatre seat, watching that particular scene in "Bridges of Madison County." It remains one of my favourite movie moments of all time.

    1. Oh my … that was sad! What a shame it couldn't be saved! Good job on the web page and that web archive works well sometimes. I've thought about that sometimes … these web sites we have — the moment we cease to pay, they will be gone.

      I'm glad to hear that somebody else noticed that sequence in the film. I've talked to many about it, and nobody seems to remember…

  4. I never saw that movie. I sort of knew it would hit home way tooo much and I would cry a lot. Avoided it.

    Love those birds!!! They have no shame!!!

    Watching Letterman. There is a Swedish guy in the audience. Dave has picked on him constantly!! The camera is on him a lot. Wonder if he can get a copy of it somewhere. He is taking it all in stride.

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