True North

Covered Bridge, Summerville, NBWe got walloped by a nor’easter yesterday. All of a sudden it was upon us, and they didn’t see it coming. By «they», I mean the weather people. The red snowfall warnings came up in the page I use for weather when it had already started. I don’t know that we got all that much snow here in Saint John, but it’s probably enough when you have to shovel it! It’s not very cold either so it might be wet. Now, this morning, it was almost cleared up, but the winds are still howling … big time!

On a totally different note … when I start the browser in the morning, I have CNN as a starting page. I’m a little bit of a news junkie … not as much as I used to be, but still. In my Chrome browser, I can set it to open two tabs right away, so — since over a year, I also have Bing. Bing, being MSN’s search engine. I have that for their pictures. Each day, they have a new photo … from anywhere in the world, and they are spectacular. Last year I had a really odd experience with that.

Gerry and I came back from a little spin up on Kingston peninsula. I’d taken some photos of the covered bridge in Summerville, and when I turned on my computer, that very bridge was the image in Bing! Could hardly believe my eyes …. that they had come across that little place. I even took a screenshot of it that I kept somewhere … just to make sure it was true LOL.

Today it’s an aerial view of London, UK. I haven’t been there since 1983 and I see many tall buildings that weren’t there then. I loved the place, but didn’t have a feeling of being in such a big city. I have never been in a real big city … the closest to it, is going by bus through Montreal.

One time —  I was telling Kevin … Gerry’s son … that I really would like to visit a big city some time, when it struck me I’d already been in London which, for sure, is a big city. It was then it occurred to me that I didn’t have the feeling that it was so big. He said it’s because it’s old and I believe that is it. You don’t get all these glossy highrises … at least not the same amount of them in Europe as in North America. I see Toronto on TV, when I watch Flashpoint, and it’s quite amazing.

This is my own picture of the same bridge, but from a totally different occasion. I thought I’d tagged my pictures much better than what was the case.


8 thoughts on “True North”

  1. The snow is light and fluffy, fortunately — that makes it much easier to shovel, although I was having a tough time heaving the snow up and over the banks on the sides of our driveway by the time I finished digging out this morning.

    That is a totally gorgeous photo of yours — well deserved to be featured on the Bing page. I do hope they credited you and linked the photo back to your Flickr page…

    My home page is igoogle, configured to display news, weather, quote of the day, email, date & time, a few select news feeds, and — my fave — Savage Chickens <a href="http://(” target=”_blank”>(

    1. Oh gawd… I wasn't very clear there, was I ?! Bing had used some professional photographer's shot of the bridge … the coincidence was just that I, the very same day had taken an almost identical picture..

    2. Something appears to be wrong here … it says 3 comments but only one appears.

      I don't know how I ever got away from iGoogle. Now I've taken it back. It's so convenient. Checked out the savage chickens too LOL … great stuff!

      It wasn't my photo in Bing!

  2. I would love to see a real covered bridge. Never have and probably never will. Love both photos.

    I would like to be in NYC sometime. Just to experience it. Have been to LA years ago. It was huge and the traffic was overwhelming. Glad I was not driving. Denver is the largest city I go to now. Huge to me. I don't mind driving there too much. I avoid I-25. It just plain scares me although I have never had any real trouble driving on it.

    We were 32F and sunny. Got very windy overnite but not so much today. Chance of freezing frost tonite. Gotta give me some time for photos!!

    1. Julie, there was a glitch in the comments system last night apparently. Now they're all back except one. Normally I reply to comments via email … I love that way, but yesterday one email got lost.

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