a bird on a wire and kalops

Lately I’ve been wondering if the crows around here are getting bigger. So many of them are huge … maybe they are Ravens, I’m not sure how to tell the difference. The one in the picture is just a random crow that happened to be sitting there …. watching over the duck pond. I shot it because it liked the light … how pure black can look so different in a little bit of sunlight. I also love the Leonard Cohen song … «Like a Bird on a Wire».

Yesterday, when we were out for a while, it felt more like April than mid January. This time of year, when it can be so cold … snow was melting here and there, it was dripping from the rooftops! Drove out to Boars Head and Grand Bay was all wide open water. It’s probably not the first time it is like this, but when you see in the news what’s going on in Australia you begin to wonder if something’s afoot with the weather.

It’s a quarter to nine and I’ve only been awake for a few minutes. This is unusal … but good! I always used to say that I need my eight hours of sleep to feel good but for the longest time I’ve only gotten six hours each night. In any case it’s a great feeling to wake up ‘by oneself’, so to speak, as opposed to the alarm clock. Personally, I think the way you feel when you wake up, depends on where in cycle of sleep you are, when the alarm sounds.

I don’t know of any plans in particular for this day, except that I’m going to cook a beef stew. Bought some beautiful beef cubes and I’ll probably make kalops. The longer it’s allowed to cook, the better…


2 thoughts on “a bird on a wire and kalops”

  1. We have a few crows that live near our farm. No idea how they differ from ravens. They are such a large bird.

    we saw -5F last nite. Only 11F now at noon. But it is sunny. I prefer cloudy skies with the snow but you take what you get.

    Kalops sounds good. I do mine in the crockpot. Let it simmer all day!

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