Soaring [updated]

Yesterday, this guy kept soaring over Spar Cove. I think he was considering a Bufflehead for lunch.

That didn’t happen, at least not while we were there, so I didn’t have to watch the drama.

I don’t know if this is a Peregrine Falcon or some type of hawk. Last night I kept looking in those bird-ID sites, but I’m still not sure. ID:ing birds is obviously not my strong point.

Either way, all birds of prey are impressive. He must have been down on the ground when we arrived, because all of a sudden something BIG came up, out of the cove. Didn’t have my camera out then, but he kept coming back.

Now, when I look at him again, I’m leaning more and more towards some hawk.

This could be the same guy, who lit on our balcony, back in November! šŸ™‚

Occasions like that really encourage more window cleaning, but how would one expect a bird of prey landing on your balcony when you live in the city?!

How often haven’t we joked about — when the occasional bald eagle makes a fly-by — if we were to sit by the table and all of a sudden an eagle was gazing in at you! Last time he flew by, it was really close!

Were it not for the northern wind, this could turn out to be a lovely day, but it’s the same, blustery wind as yesterday.

UPDATE: I got a little help from the Flickr Bird-ID group. It was a Northern Harrier I saw yesterday, and the bird on the balcony was an immature Peregrine Falcon.

Now I know šŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Soaring [updated]”

  1. Having had a close encounter with a peregrine falcon at one time…. it does look like one… I think that Hawks have a different shaped head. I love to watch them soar.
    Where I live there are a few cliffs behind a meadow… and in the Spring I watch "the birds" soar.. I am sure that they are eagles. There are stories of them nesting on the cliffs . Your photos are beautiful ..

    1. Thank you, Cheryl … Isn't it just great to live where you can see stuff like this! There's a quarry behind our grocery store, and once I saw three, juvenile bald eagles at the same time!

      I've posted this bird to an ID Help Group in Flickr … they're usually very good…

  2. I agree that raptors are usually really hard to identify (with the exception of mature bald eagles and american kestrels). But they sure are beautiful to watch!

  3. Looks like the peregrine falcon may be banded. It's always very exciting to see raptors, even when you're driving along a busy expressway and you see one on the light pole. Congrats on a lovely photo of that harrier.

    1. Louise,
      I see what you mean about banded …I'm not sure. I've seen many banded ducks around here and one gull with a wing tag. The gull, I actually found out where he came from; a water shed in Mass. ! šŸ™‚

  4. Hi Rebby: What a great pic of the Harrier…I thought it was one of those. Definitely the fellow on your balcony a young Falcon….aren't the raptors cool?? There is something strong & fierce & sturdy about them I love….your photos are fabulous to & capture their spirit!!

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