DVD Player

A friend sent me two pictures of my hometown, Härnösand, and I’ll put them in here. They’re taken from up the hill where there are ski slopes and a resto. This is overlooking the city itself, and the next one, in the opposite direction. They have nothing to do with this post, really.

A couple of weeks ago, Gerry decided to watch some old Matlock episodes on DVD because there was nothing on TV. I’d bought the whole series from Amazon for him. The first one started and the quality was lousy, to put it mildly. Dark … the colors totally off — they were all strangely red in their faces when you could see the people at all.

I was upset that I’d paid so much for that crap but it was over a year ago. Either way … he put in a different DVD, not from the Matlock series, and the same phenomenon occurred. We figured something must be wrong with the DVD player, so we bought a cleaning kit. Ran that several times …. nothing improved. The phenomenon with the darkness and too much red persists.

The DVD player is more than five years old. Two days ago, in a store, I saw a DVD player f or $29.95 and we thought … thirty bucks… what the heck — can’t go wrong there!

Installed the new one, put in a DVD … and what do you know?! SAME PROBLEM!!!

Now we’re at loss! I don’t know what to do … I don’t know anything about TV-stuff … that’s not my kettle of fish!

It obviously has to do with the TV-set itself, but I wouldn’t even know where to start. I’m always frightened of going in to the menus there — I feel I have NO control over what I’m doing and could easily mess it up so bad so that I can’t get it back on the modem again.

When you’ve grown up in a little place like Härnösand here above, you know people of almost any profession you could think of … TV included 🙂 but not so here. The new DVD-player can go back to the store … it’s only been a couple of days and we still have the receipt. Question is how much energy to put into this … Gerry has been carefully considering one of those new, flat screen, TV-sets …  Apparently, if we were to get one … the only thing we’d have to do is to call Bell and they turn on the HD. No box required.

Even though Saint John now is wired for fiber optics, we here, in this building, will have to wait for ages before we get it, but that doesn’t really matter in this case. HD would be neat …


4 thoughts on “DVD Player”

  1. Great photos!!! Wish I was there. especially as it is so close to my cousins!!

    Have you tried those dvd's in your pc — if it has a dvd player. I am clueless. Must be the tv. What a bummer. You cannot imagine what a difference HD is. I love it and would never ever go back. One channel had trouble had we had to watch the non-HD version. Hated it.

  2. I love these photos — everything looks so beautiful and peaceful. Now I know what Saint John is missing: mountains!

    It's been a while since we've used a DVD player. When we moved here we ditched the TV and we haven't missed it. We watch DVDs on the computer and never have any problem with the colour. We have cheap but great sounding speakers plugged into the computer and it looks and sounds better than our TV ever did, and that's on a 15" laptop screen! Once I get my new iMac the image will be phenomenal. I know HD is supposed to be wonderful, but paying for another monthly fee? No, not for me — not when you can already watch a lot of shows over the internet.

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