Ducky blog post

We’d been out to the mall yesterday, and before going to the grocery store, we took the way around the park. The ducks in the pond are getting more and more numerous and the open hole is getting smaller all the time, as it’s getting colder.

I got out with my camera, because I like to practice shooting ducks [or any bird] in flight. Even if they’re just sitting around … when a car stops there, they fly over because they think they’re going to get bread.

A few people  are still feeding them, in spite of the signs and all the talk there has been on  the radio and so on.

Anyway, as I was just about to get back in the car, I noticed that one duck was stuck to the ice … struggling to get loose. I just can’t handle seeing something like that … I told Gerry, who was waiting in the car. Heroic, as he is, he took a big stick, checked out the ice and started walking over to the poor mallard. Just as he was about to check him out … I guess the duck got really scared and empowered by that he got loose! Only a few feathers were left in the ice.

I cannot stand seeing an animal suffer, and neither can my husband. One would only wish that they could think rationally … go south for starters, and secondly … not sit on the ice when you’re wet. That won’t happen so hopefully the situation will improve as people stop feeding them.

Apart from all this, I was watching a big gull in the water … apparently they do the same thing with the wing-flapping as the ducks.

I noticed he did it exactly the same way, first the ‘washing’…dipping his head several times, and then stood up and flapped his wings.

This is probably more information about waterfowl than anybody care for, but I love to watch them. I’ve always loved ducks … mallards — they’re so beautiful with their emerald heads, and look so content as they’re paddling around.

We got a little bit of snow overnight but nothing much. We’re supposed to get 10 centimeters. My hometown, Härnösand, is now the place with the most snow in Sweden, I just read online!  My friend told me yesterday that they had 119 centimeters.

My husband receives a lot of jokes ‘n stuff in his email … sometimes those PowerPoint presentations with beautiful pictures — most of them are stuff you’ve seen and heard many times, but every now and they there’s something really spectacular! Most of them are in French, as he lived in Quebec for close to fifty years, but yesterday he got something really neat, that I had not seen before! Jig-saw puzzle! The text is in French, but you just have to click on the pictures. I did a few last night, and it’s a nice change from playing Bejeweled Blitz in Facebook. LOL.

I was actually thinking about puzzles the other day … that it would be cool to find a world map, and place the countries! I have one, of the United States — a blank map where you put in the states, and something similar of the world would be nice. It probably exists already — most of the things you can dream up are already online, somebody already thought of it.

My morning coffee is now finished so I’ll just get on with my day … McDuff, who seems to have a built-in clock, is walking around, looking at me as if he would like to ask «Aren’t you going to have breakfast soon??»


5 thoughts on “Ducky blog post”

  1. That's a lovely story about brave Gerry on the ice! And those silly ducks… who can blame them, hanging around a food source as generous as we silly humans…

    And 119 cm — that's some snow all right! Do you miss your hometown?

    1. yeah … hopefully it will be better next year, if more people read those signs.

      Sometimes I miss the actually town … or the country in itself. That's only natural.. I really love Saint John, and it goes away quickly.

  2. Good for Gerry! I'm glad that he scared the duck free. I wonder about the mallards, too. I always thought they went South, but I guess not. Just like the robins, who used to go South, but seem to stay around here now.

    1. in the case of the ducks … it's because they're being fed. They don't see any reason to make the trip, when they have people coming, feeding them white bread, I guess..

  3. I hate to see animals suffer also. It really bothers me. Glad it got free.

    I am glad for the info about what they do before flapping their wings. Now to get back to my lake with geese and see how lucky I can be!!

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