We went to the United States…

… and I got this sweater! 🙂

How many times haven’t we seen those T-shirts with text on them:

«My friends went to **** and all I got was this lousy T-shirt»

Well, that certainly wasn’t the case here! It’s a lovely sweatshirt and it was only five bucks in Walmart. Gerry who found it … they had only one and it wasn’t his size. Good for me.

It was just our regular, little outing, down to Calais, ME. There is basically just a Walmart and a Hannaford grocery store. Calais is a place where I suspect most people know one another — it’s very small. Also … we had to go down there before the 31st of January when my visa was up. Now I’ve turned it in, so next time we go, I’ll go through the procedure again.

As usual we picked up a few items in the grocery store … stuff that isn’t in Canada, a few cheeses, bottles of pickled stuff and so on.

It was a beautiful day, hardly any traffic at all and I saw one bald eagle in real life, and an osprey.

Before we left, we ate at McDonalds. Why, oh why, is junk food so good?! I could eat this stuff several times a week and then look like a big blob! McDonald’s coffee is unbeatable … seemingly no matter where you are.

The reason I’m writing this now is that I’ve done some adjustments to a plugin and I want to see if it works with Facebook. All comments haven’t appeared as they’re supposed to.


4 thoughts on “We went to the United States…”

  1. I knew you were in the States today from 4square!!! Glad you had a good trip!!

    I never ever eat at McDonald's anymore. Seeing how they made the chicken mcnuggets was more than I could take. I eat many others though. All unhealthy!! But oh so good!!

    1. I don't think I want to know. Usually, I just take the quarterpoundercheese. There were so many years I couldn't eat chicken, because of some TV-program I'd seen.

      Yeah, I did the check-in thing at the border, then I turned it off until we got back into Canada again. I've heard such nightmare-ish stories about people that have used them abroad..

  2. Sometimes I think that both Americans and Canadians take their country’s easy passage from one to another for granted. I know that I think that we are very lucky in our neighbors to the North.

    Some of the best times in my early life were spent in Canada. I went to college in Potsdam, NY, and it wasn’t unusual for us to take a quick trip to Montreal on the weekends. It was in the late ’60’s and a couple of my group of friends had brothers who were “self-exiled” to Canada. We camped out on their floor, and had a wonderful time exploring a beautiful city.

    As for McDonalds, sigh, I’m right with you there. Though, I’m pretty much addicted to Timmy’s Iced Caps, as well.

    1. Louise,
      Even though I've lived here for almost seven years, I still don't take it for granted. We here are fortunate [in so many ways] enough to live only about an hour's drive from the border crossing … and to me … as a Swedish person, it feels kind of 'cool' to say to my friends back home that we «went to the States».. 🙂
      I like to go to your country! 🙂 As I still have a Swedish passport, I have to go through a procedure with fingerprints and photo every three months. In between, when I have that piece of paper, I go through like any other Canadian.

      I've never really been in Montreal, but that sounds like a lot of fun!

      You have Tim Hortons there?! In Ohio, I think it's pretty popular too … I'm basically a 'Starbucks person' but those ice caps are really good!

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