The thin red line

Do you see the thin, red line up there … beteween the blue header and the white background?! I put it there.

Doing so, reminded me on the old times when we were a bunch of people blogging in Yahoo 360. Myself and a few others were interested in changing the layout of our posts … making up HTML at that time.

A lady in Hawaii and I, spent, probably hours, figuring out how to put in a line between some columns, or if it was header … I don’t remember … but the amount of energy we put  into this! Nobody would notice it anyway, but I think it was just the challenge of it all. It felt very rewarding when we finally got the line in place 🙂

Those were really fun times, even though I think we tend to glorify them a little bit in hindsight. When big groups of people get together — in fact I think a group of three is enough — there’s bound to be trouble also … not only rosy. It seems that regardless of where or how … when groups of people get together, there will always be certain characteristics represented. That’s probably some psychological/social explanation to this that I’m not aware of.

This phenomenon struck me a number of years ago, when a new TV show started back home — it’s was something like Sweden’s answer to ER. It was pretty good, and after a while I noticed that many of the characters in the show were so similar to the ones we had in real life in the small clinic where I worked. They had the hypochondriacs, the self-pitiers, the maniacs, the plain lonely people that just wanted some attention … they were all there. When I talked with people, working in other places, they said the same thing. This was not only true for the patients — the staff too. I don’t like to stereotype people, and I don’t know what category I, myself, would have fallen into, but it was interesting to see the same thing happen online … in Y360. Oh, the drama that took place there! We even had some case of multiple identities … a person/woman who had a male identity for a while. She eventually killed off the male, though. Another guy acted like he was a co-owner of Yahoo, and his dream in life was probably to get a job there. That never happened of course. Quite often you saw posts saying that they were «cleaning up their friends list». That always caused a bit of a stir in the community.

I think this lasted about three years, before Yahoo shut it down. They had a good thing going there, I don’t know why they shut it down, but anyway … it was fun, and I’m glad I was a part of it. I learned a lot there … not only about HTML but also about human nature.

After that experience, it feels really calm and peaceful to blog here … all by myself.


6 thoughts on “The thin red line”

  1. It's sad that there are just so many dysfunctional people in the world. I think most of them are on the internet. It can also be highly entertaining and I guess that is sad too. I started learning some html there also. Amazing just how far code has come since then.

    1. Well, the people online are all the same as the ones in the «real world»… I don't know — now I'm online, but when turn this off I guess it turn into a 'real person' LOL … People can be fascinating sometimes — when you're an outside onlooker … it's like sitting watching in a big airport.

      The coding has come very far since then. I've lost the grip of all that. I've lost my brushes too.

  2. I guess I'm one of those who has 'rosy' memories of Y360. It was like a peaceful sanctuary, compared to the chat rooms I used to visit.. There were certainly some very big 'characters' in chat…some very dark ones, too!

    I think I've forgotten all but a little of the HTML I used to know. What's that saying? If you don't use it you lose it..
    Hmmmm… On that basis, maybe I should participate in some memory games.

    1. Yeah, there were different 'circles', so to speak! In my own little circle it was like a sanctuary but when I moved around outside … wow!
      I still remember some HTML, the very basic things … that's about all..

  3. There was drama on Y360 but I also met some nice people!! And that tv show sounds just like where I worked!!! Oh the characters!! One was a sex maniac. She was sooo sick. We had several control freaks who were not in control at all. One lady who worked on the evening shift always wore makeup and styled her hair. Until. When she called in sick. The first couple of days back on the job she came in looking like he–. No make up, hair all messy, etc. It was a joke among us.

    1. Oh, the fun times outweighed the drama … for sure!!! It's just fun to think out in hindsight…
      LOL @ your characters at your work place! We had quite a few, and I could write many posts about that but I'm a little reluctant in case anyone of them would get an idea and start to read here..

      That last one you mentioned …. that sounds almost like the one they had in Boston Legal.. 🙂

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