The first time I saw a blue jay ever, was in January 2004 in Quebec. It was thirty degrees below freezing, he was embedded in snow, and I could hardly believe my eyes. I’d never seen anything so beautiful. Didn’t know about blue jays before that.

That image is forever etched in my memory, and now since I got the camera I have like a little ‘goal’ or project … to capture a blue jay in snow. Yesterday, I was getting close. I walked a little bit along a trail in Rockwood Park, because there were so many people around the feeders, talking with the squirrels and chickadees. Wanted to capture the snow clad bows and branches … and there he was! I want one, though, where you see more of the tail and the back of him. Patience!

It’s not only a matter of my own patience … it’s Gerry’s too! He’s amazing! We go to the park almost every day, and he has to wait while I pursue all my little ideas.

We got a lot of snow overnight last night … in the afternoon the sun came out and it turned out to be an absolutely glorious winter’s day — just like this day.

We’ve watched a great deal of junior hockey from Buffalo, NY. Last night Sweden lost in a shoot-out against Russia, so on Wednesday Canada will play vs. Russia for the gold medal. Luckily it’s not tonight because tonight a new season of my favorite show starts! Flashpoint! It’s a Canadian production that has also won a great deal of acclaim in the United States. It all takes place in Toronto.

I’m perhaps not a big «TV-person», but this show is something that I really look forward to … just like I used to do with Sopranos.


6 thoughts on “Snow”

  1. That's a wonderful capture of a blue jay — he really stands out well in the midst of the snow! Didn't the snow look lovely yesterday? I'm glad Gerry gives you all the time you need, I'd hate to think someone was waiting for me to finish taking photos… 🙂

    1. Gillian,
      The snow looked lovely indeed … was glad it stuck to the trees and didn't blow away…
      Having a feeling of someone waiting, wouldn't make for any picture taking at all..

  2. But, I love this picture. It captures such an unusual side of blue jays, quiet and pensive. The ones around here are usually loud and aggressive.

    Did you ever notice that they will converge on a feeder, and start voicing their distress call. That will cause all of the other birds and critters at the feeder to run in fear. Those naughty jays then descend on the feeder, which they now have all to themselves. I just love those birds. Such bad birds!

    1. Thank you, Louise …
      I can't say that I've been in the position so that I can study them — we had so few in Quebec.There were two … they came and sat down on a branch right outside my window. I put out peanuts on the sill, they picked them up and flew away. This was a pattern … they sat on that branch until I stood up and put the peanuts out.

      One thing I have noticed about them and that is that you hear them much more often on a rainy day, or when it's just about to start raining… they seem to come out more then!

  3. Good photo. we have many here. IF I start feeding again, i will see many of them.

    Our stupid weathermen are talking snow this weekend. I am not excited nor do I believe them. Won¨t happen. Sigh………..

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