My 2010 — in hindsight



7 thoughts on “My 2010 — in hindsight”

  1. Looks like you had a great 2010. I’m looking forward to seeing 2011 through your eyes.

    You asked about my camera. I have a FinePix S5000. It’s fairly old. I got it used from my neighbor when he upgraded a few years back. It’s served me well, but I really think I need to get a tripod, in order to steady it for some of the pictures I take at pretty extreme magnification. It doesn’t handle macros very well.

    1. Yes, it’s really hard to get them sharp when you’re zooming. I like to take shots at night too, and that wouldn’t be doable without a tripod. Bought one last year and never regretted that.

    1. Thank you, Julie … I was meaning to write something this morning, but then this came into my mind and it took such long time [to decide picture for each month], so I was all tired afterwards LOL

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