test ~ nothing here to see


4 thoughts on “test ~ nothing here to see”

  1. It’s the Quack of Dawn!! Remember when you blogged under that name?? Way back on 360 a few years ago…did you import your blogs from there so you can still read them?? I remember reading them & looking at the pix & thinking “What a cool Lady; I have to FRIEND her!!” Anyone who loves Nature & cats & ducks like we do is Good people, right?? Happy 2011 Rebekah!! Love Sherrillen & Nylablue.

    1. Yeah … Quack of Dawn, that’s still my user-ID in Flickr. I managed to save all the blogs from there and I have them in another WordPress account. The comments were imported too, but you can’t see WHO they’re from … that’s a shame.
      Happy 2011 to you guys

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