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If I were to turn this whole blog into a cat blog, I’d have an inexhaustible well of stuff to write about. I’d never have to ponder what’s on my own mind. I would subsequently bore myself to death. The general idea with all this blogging whole business is partly that I like the thought of going back, in a few years or so, to read about what we were up to … what I was thinking, or how I felt.

However … every now and then I’ll write about our McDuff because he is a family member … he is my friend, and none of the three cats I’ve lived with, has had his picture taken this often! Didn’t have a camera with the previous two.

I like to take pictures of him, and he doesn’t mind … he’s very patient. Cats, ducks and little flowers … that’s what I like to take pictures of … not that there’s anything wrong with that, I think.

McDuff is a timid, little lad … a little bit shy, but not scared of people [except one]. He just needs a little time … to sniff them out, so to speak. By choice, we don’t have a great social life, so he doesn’t get to see too many new faces.

He had four, gray sisters … I remember how little he was when we picked him up, adopted him … they were all sleeping in a big, gray pile — he and his sisters.

Funny how they — even though their vocabulary is pretty much limited to «miau» — are such totally different personalities. These three, that I’ve had … Hadassah (Persian blue), Murphy (Sacred Birman) and McDuff have had very little in common, personality-wise. Picky eaters, but that’s about all. Yeah … another thing — they all liked fresh linen in the bed. When I’m changing the bedding, he sits and waits for me to finish so he can jump up and have a really good snooze. He might even try and jump up prematurely 🙂 Hadassah went underneath the covers … sometimes I didn’t notice, so when I went looking for her, I saw a big bump on the bed.

It’s nice to have a cat. Before 1986 I wasn’t a ‘cat person’ at all … I didn’t even trust them. Couldn’t even imagine sleeping in the same room as a cat! I was so biased. Then I went to visit a friend, who had just got a black persian … Oscar. Spent the weekend there, and was surprised how nice it was. He was such a cool cat — I’d thought they all would be climbing the curtains or some such. Oscar was friendly and slept a lot.

The Monday after that weekend, there was a small ad in the local paper that stood out … it was like that ad was calling out to me: «persian kittens for sale …big fur». I thought … ‘what the heck — I could always go and have a look’. «Have a look!» Ha! I was sold from the first moment … the breeders had only one left when I got there, she handed me Hadassah, we looked at each other and it was Love. She lived to be almost 16.

In Quebec, I hadn’t really thought of getting a cat. My whole life had changed with the move to a new country and everything so that had not even entered my mind. Strangely enough … the person who suggested I’d have a cat is also the only person he cannot stand. He hissed at him. Must have been something in their personal chemistry that clashed. Now it’s been more than two years since they met, but I think it would be the same again, were they to meet.


10 thoughts on “Cat post”

  1. That is a truly beautiful portrait of McDuff. He is a lovely boy, and like so many, his soul shines out of his eyes. I've always been a cat person. I had a cat, Peachy, when I was a kid. Then there was a long dry spell, because Mom didn't really like animals in the house and put her foot down. Is it bad of me to say that, within a month after she had to go to a nursing home, I had a cat in the house again?

    You know, I'm not the most social of people, and I think that's part of the reason why I like cats so much. They're friendly and loving, but they, too, like to go their own way, and tend not to be as needy as a dog can be. As I write, now, Gina is sitting on the table beside me, purring away. She's there, and happy, but not begging for attention.

    1. Hello Louise …good to see you 🙂
      As a kid I wanted a cat … or a dog. Mum said no. She, being a widow, working nights in the hospital, feared that she would be the one who had to take care of the dog. Back then, I don't think it was common with indoor cats, and we lived right by the highway so… 1986, when I got Hadassah, I was living on my own and did whatever I wanted. After Hadassah died, I was without cat but that only lasted for three months. After that long time with her, it felt weird that I was the only one breathing in the apartment….
      I used to be more social in my younger days … now, I don't know … I just feel good about the way we lead our lives here.

  2. I don’t think I could live without my kitties. Growing old alone would be very hard.without the constant feedback that I get from my animals. Neichan , the old patriarch. Panzer and Fuzz the teenagers. I miss Miss P.. I still don’t know what happened to her.. She was a gentle little soul.. curl up beside you and purr so very loud.

    My father loved cats, but was so very allergic to them. So, when I got married, we got a cat.. Shadow, At one time we had a cat the kids nicknamed “Gassy”… and he looked just like McDuff… big loving cat.

  3. Hi Rebby: What a cool profile photo of McDuff!! He is such a beauty! Thank you for sharing about your cats…I love the story of Hadassah; much like Mingflower & I; Love at first sight on both sides….
    I have had cats since I was 12 1/2 allergies & all!! Now I know to stick to Siamese or Russian Blues or other short haired exotics…Simpson my first cat was an Abbyssinian/Persian…..aaaa-aaaa-aaaachooooooo!! I learned I have allergies to long haired felines, but I would not let Simpson go….she lived to be 20. Many of my others lived shorter lives. Then I had Mingflower til she was 18 1/2 yrs old. Now Nylablue is 10 & we've been together 4 1/2 yrs. I am hoping for many more….she has grown on me so much….& she tells me she Loves HER McDuff!!! She stared at his pic for a long time… sweet….
    Oh I was reading some of my first blogs & Mingy was still alive…it is amazing to read this diary of sorts….I have been blogging for 5+ years now…I learned ALOT from you back on 360!! The good old days, haha! S-E.

    1. Sherriellen,
      I often think about how fortunate I am with regards to allergies! I have none. When Hadassah died, I was so heartbroken afterwards so I thought I'd never put myself through anything like that again … but then again … after three months I was there, with a new.

      Those were fun times back in Y360! I learned a lot there about many things … Photoshop for one. It was thanks to a lady out in San Diego that I started..

  4. When I was growing up, we always had a cat in the house, and I have always seemed to have a cat since then too (even now). I may have become a dog person, but I still have a knack with the under-jaw scritches that every cat seems to love.

  5. Han är vacker Duffen! Den första katt vi hade hemma, som barn, Sussi, är den levande varelse jag älskat mest i hela mitt liv. Hon var grårandig, snäll och fann sig i det mesta. Jag var mycket kärlekstörstande och hon fyllde det behovet, sedan fick hon kattpest och dog efter några dagars lidande och vad jag sörjde, sörjde djupt och innerligt, har inte upplevt den djupa känslan med någon efterkommande, varken djur eller människa.

    1. Ja, det kan jag förstå. Den råa sorgen/saknaden efter Hadassah var speciell, även om jag var vuxen … som barn blir det annorlunda… värre.

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